SAFCI, Maternal and neonatal health, of children under two years of age and prevention of adolescent pregnancy

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with training sessions through the TEAMS platform and activities in the virtual classroom.


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Gabriel René Moreno Autonomous University of Santa Cruz


The SAFCI course is a good opportunity for teachers and educators to include the topic of prevention in their respective work with their students. During the process you will be able to carry out information and training activities in parallel with the support of material for the students (Flipcharts, workshop guides, videos, digital texts) as well as with the Ideal Adolescence strategy that includes a campaign for the prevention of teenage pregnancy “I decide” .

At the end of the SAFCI course, you will be able to identify and address the social and health determinants that affect impairments and disabilities, recognizing the relationship between them and the importance of intersectoral work to solve this problem. Know how to detect deficiencies and disabilities early and define timely stimulation actions. Develop actions for the prevention of deficiencies and disabilities of prenatal origin, in personal, work, institutional and community practice.

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The SAFCI course has the objective of contributing to generate responsible and healthy changes in the behavior of all those who make up the education, health and community development sectors so that they become mediators and promoters of a culture of prenatal and postnatal prevention of deficiencies and diseases that can cause disabilities or impede full development in unborn babies, boys and girls up to 2 years of age.


  • Module 1. Disability, prevention and sexual and reproductive rights. Sexual and reproductive health in adolescents
  • Module 2. Prenatal ecology and the causes of impairments and disabilities
  • Module 3. Assaults on the unborn baby
  • Module 4. Interventions with pedagogical mediation. SAFCI Prevention actions favoring the adolescent population
  • Module 5. Preconception and prenatal health care and nutrition
  • Module 6. Humanized labor and birth
  • Module 7. Giving love and care in the postnatal stage

Transversal module. Campaign for “Prevention of teenage pregnancy: I decide” to work with teenagers, youth groups, etc. With the aim of educating adolescents to postpone their motherhood and fatherhood, due to the high risks that teenage pregnancy entails, both for the mother and the baby.


The total cost of the Course: 1680 Bs .; of which the FdW scholarship covers up to 1340 Bs.
The participant contributes 340 Bs.
Once the course is approved, the participant pays the Cost of the Certificate to the University, which is Bs. 50.

Requirements to obtain the scholarship

  • Commit to comply with the academic process.
  • Commit to developing prevention actions with men and women of reproductive age or the students of their educational units.
  • Meet registration requirements.
  • Internet access, equipment (Computer / Tablet / Cellular) with access to camera and microphone to participate in the synchronous workshops.


There are 14 training sessions through the TEAMS platform with a time of 2 hours each with interformation activities. With the support of the Monitor, once a week, the central themes of the corresponding module are reviewed, agreements are established for self-training, Interformation and transformation; eventually specialists of the different topics participate in seminars given to the participants. The approval of the course is given with a minimum of 70/100 and 90% attendance.


Fundación de Waal incorporates the methodology of education based and oriented to the community, where the environment is the starting point for all reflection and action. Our integrating principle of the work methodology is pedagogical mediation and popular education. Mediating is starting from experiences and information, reflecting on them and arriving at transformative actions. In the same way, Popular Education allows to approach and exchange knowledge from the experience and the theoretical base, creating new contributions and being subjects of their own historical destiny. This process also has a complementary support from the PreNatal Virtual Classroom to have access to complementary information, texts, videos and other communications with colleagues from their own EPL, using forums, chats and other communication tools.

Frequent questions

Personnel who work with men and women of reproductive age, especially adolescents: nursing assistants, health technicians, social workers, general medical nurses who work at the first level, teachers, educators, promoters, university students in the areas of health and social , Others.

Being a virtual process, you can register from anywhere in the country.


At the end of the course, you will obtain a certificate of approval for 250 hours of the National Training Course “SAFCI, Maternal and neonatal health, of children under two years of age and prevention of adolescent pregnancy” endorsed by the Gabriel René Moreno Autonomous University of Santa Cruz

  1. Fill out the scholarship application form and the agreement
  2. Cancel 340 Bs. in the savings bank N ° 3500427468 in the name of “Fundación de Waal” of the National Bank of Bolivia. Those who cannot appear to deposit at the bank can make the transfer through the mobile applications, for more information request the institutional WhatsApp +591 67405888 (Lic. Elizabeth Guzmán).
  3. Subsequently send training title and CI to the same whatsapp.

You will be guided in each of the stages.

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